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About Us

Healthquest Technologies LLC

Finding Inspiration and Innovation at Every Turn

We are an established virtual bio-engineering organization currently dedicating all our available time, financial and technical resources exclusively to the design development and marketing of a unique and novel line of patented home and business security products being offered under the trade name Tellaview. Beginning with the earliest stages of initial conception of an original innovation through the many subsequent stages of product development, starting with preparation of patent applications and continuing through prototyping and ultimately resulting in full scale production of novel consumer products via offshore facilities.

The Healthquest Technologies organization hosts its own comprehensive and diverse array of skilled technical talents ranging from highly experienced electronic, mechanical and plastic engineers, CAD/CAM designers, including injection mold and tool designers. Combined, these skills facilitate the lowest production cost and fastest turnaround time and ultimately the lowest selling price, best parts sourcing and associated manufacturing resources, ultimately managed by US agents familiar with offshore production.

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Our Story

Established in 1995, Healthquest Technologies LLC was originally configured as a contract consumer product design and development company providing engineering and technical support for outside retail manufacturers. Our organization has ultimately evolved over the years into a unique and capable virtual international product development boutique dedicated to the solutions of everyday problems by bringing new and novel consumer and medical ideas to market.

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