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A New Paradigm In Security Monitoring
TellaView   A Camera System on Steroids!
The best way to protect your valuables

A Unique Home Security Camera Monitoring System comprised of micro computer, downloadable computer software and integral motion and proximity detection sensors for monitoring personal property, homes and offices. The system provides an interactive smartphone associated website featuring technology enabling users to remotely view, monitor, program, operate and control electrical and security systems in homes and offices while concurrently monitoring security sensors directly and remotely for protecting personal property.

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Introducing TellaView!

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           Novel Security & Camera System Technology Eliminates
                  Time Consuming Review of 24/7 Video Recordings

Our patented forensic image recording system describes Tellaview's unique ability to selectively view and record a monitored security event and only that event. Using a proprietary proximity contact sensor to trigger and visually record a monitored scene in specific pre-programmed timed segments is unique. Limited image segments are automatically erased from memory after a short increment of time. Erasures are continual and automatic, leaving only a small video segment in the camera's memory until personal contact or near proximity with a monitored object or space is determined by the monitoring system.  Once triggered, the associated proximity/contact sensor will cause the video memory to permanently retain both the previously recorded image segment as well as subsequent images  surrounding that security detection event. This unique and selective monitoring capability of anticipating, capturing and retaining only the relevant imaging of an entire security violation interaction event effectively eliminates the need for security personnel's time-wasting review of massive volumes of irrelevant 24/7 video recordings.

Forensic Recodings

The TellaView Mobile App

Avoids unwanted and disruptive home security notifications Incorporating an integral video monitoring system programmed to provide you remote imaging and remote push messaging if and only if actual physical contact or close proximity caused by a person's hand or movement is detected near your monitored personal  valuables, weapons or space.


Smart Alerts

The illustration below shows a hand approaching the monitored select item situated on a system associated security detection sensor. Proximity or contact by any person with the monitored object or nearby space causes a disturbance to the sensors electrical field surrounding the object.


Detection of a change in the electrical field associated with the select object or group of objects can cause EITHER or BOTH a monitoring camera's activation with imaging identifying the the intruder and detection of their hand approaching the secure object or space while concurrently  generating an audible and text Alert Push message sent to your remote smart device indicating an unauthorized person's contact with your select monitored item. Similarly

An optional video recording of the actual physical contact with the secure item representing the presence of the person and their approaching hand can be made available locally or remotely on a smartphone or monitoring device.

Click Image To View Smart Alert!


Secure Valuable Items

  • Firearms

  • Medications

  • Jewelery

  • Wallet/Personal Items

  • Art Paintings and other collectibles

  • Retail Items and Shelves

  • Computers and Hard Drives

  • Monitor medication use for elderly

  • Cash Registers


To feel truly safe with remote home security, it's become a lot more complicated than using a camera to only monitor people trying to enter your home.

Our newly patented security technology allows for monitoring not only if and where people are within the home environment but also amazingly, what they are actually doing when they are there!

Tellaview's  unique patented detection technology incorporating a charge coupled proximity/contact detector and an optional motion detection camera provide you with a unique means of securing your valuables within an active home or business environment.


Irrespective of the presence of other persons near by or moving about, this unique means of securely monitoring your valuables in an active environment can be accomplished by simply placing those items you wish to be monitored within the specified active detection area located on your Tellaview security device.


This action assures that any persons physical contact or near proximity to your secure items will immediately be detected by the system's detection processors.


Once a physical disturbance or intrusion into your valuables controlled & secure space is determined, an emergency message will be generated and a push notification will appear on your associated mobile device. In addition, an action associated audible verbal warning will be presented to the intruder. 


If the optional remote monitoring camera capability is included, the camera system will view that person's actions and push to your mobile device specific imaging of that particular person interactions with your securely  monitored items

Accessible from Anywhere

The system is self contained to include a remote control to allow arming the unit, a local alarm including an audible warning message, a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery & charger.

How it works

Facts and Figures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Video Surveillance to dominate security systems market

Video surveillance systems account for the largest market share of the market. Forensic Image recording by the Tellaview smart camera monitoring system can pinpoint a security violation event in the recorded video and retrieve ONLY the relevant video segment from stored video, saving manpower costs & increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation. This previously has been a challenging and time-consuming task for a human operator, especially in cases where huge volumes of video data is to be stored and viewed.

The current size of the global home security system market

The global home security systems market size was value at USD 53.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 78.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR or 8.0%during the forecast period.

The market for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) security systems

Expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. One of the major factors contributing to the projected high growth of the market for DIY security systems is the cost optimization ensured by these systems. Some of the products offer integrated alarm triggers and other smart features, which help to detect a break-in by security cameras in regular monitoring activities.

Who are the winners in the home security system market?

The major players in the global home security systems market are ADT LLC (ADT) (US), Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) (US) Johnson Control International pic. (Johnson Controls) (US), Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. LTD, (China), ASSA Abloy AB (Sweden), Secom Co. Ltd (Japan)

What are the upcoming trends in the home security market?

The increasing adoption of cloud based technologies is one of the upcoming trends in the home security system market. Cloud-based services decrease the complexity of software issues in the devices and diminish the interoperability of devices. Most residential uses are rapidly adopting cloud-based residential security solutions that are user friendly, can be self-monitored and operate from a remote location. Cloud-based services are also used to store images captured by surveillance systems with on-demand scalability without any additional costs for end-users.

Technology Drivers ;The Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless technologies

The emergence of IoT has led to the development of miniturized sensors and actuators and low-power wireless communications technologies. Besides, the growing adaptation of the internet, tablets, and smart phones is paving the way for the introduction of IoT in home and business security, with the use of smart applications. The IoT has enhanced the quality of products and the consistency of automation systems. Mobile devices and the web act as an interface for the connection  of security systems to the cloud; the integration of home and business security systems with cloud helps in remote monitoring of homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Home and business security companies that could benefit from Tellaview smart camera technology

ADT, Honeywell International, Johnson Controls, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, ASSA Abloy, Secom,Co. Ltd.,Robwer Bosch, GmbH, CPI, ,Armorax, United Technologies, Godre, Vivint, Boyce,, Allegion Plc.,Control4Corp., Schneider Electric, Legrand Pvt Ltd., Asea Brown, Loop Labs, Boveri Ltd., Comcast Corp., Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Nortek Security Control,  Nest Labs, Canary Connect, Scout Security, Simplisafe, Cacoon, Zmodo, Kangaroo, Wyze labs.

Facts andFigues
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